“Let’s Live Life Lively Longer” and is a holistic medical strategy with the goal of helping
pets live a longer healthier life. It goes far conventional wellness programs that strive for early detection of disease through routine laboratory testing. It even goes beyond Woodside’s recommendations for homemade diets, home dental hygiene, daily exercise, and herbal stress reduction and immune enhancement. It’s focus is to provide optimal health through immune system enhancement, spinal cord and neurological integration, more efficient energy production, storage and balancing, and inflammation and cancer detection. It includes alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic, cold laser therapy, oral cytokine therapy and ozone therapy. It will help animals resist disease threats, prevent orthopedic and neurologic problems, increase vitality, and add quality years to your pet’s life. This program is not for everyone but it has been developed to provide an option for those who want to go above and beyond what is commonly recommended in most wellness programs. Read further to learn the details of the program: The 5L program is a pro-active wellness package that combines 5 different holistic modalities and 2 unique diagnostic tests.