The Being of Doings

by John Simon

It was a damp chilly day on the 3rd planet from the sun
A small group of “Human Doings” gathered to discuss a
distinction one called “fun”.
All five had their “to do lists” very close at hand
Fearing that this meeting would take longer than their plan.
They all had many things to do and this meeting did not fit.
Then one exclaimed, “Let’s get started or I won’t have time
to……….. spit”.

So the one that had called the meeting stood
and said, “Let’s all join hands
And look around and meet just who has joined our little
“No time cried out the others, too many things to do.
There’s no time to waste a moment on meeting someone
“But that’s just the point”, the leader said. “You’ve got so
much to do
That you never take time to look at life and what fun might
mean to you”.

“What’s fun?”…exclaimed the others. “We have no concept
of this word.
We’ve no time to waste on nonsense. It’s a word we’ve
never heard.”
The leader called for quiet, and said…”To me a few
moments you must give,
to explain fun not as concept but as a way to speak and

“You are all the greatest doers the world has ever known
But you never get through doing, so you’re alive but quite
You are all so obsessed with doing that you can’t enjoy the
Still you think that constant doing is the only way you can
If you were to stop your doing, you’re afraid that you might
You’re sure that life would move along and quickly pass you
So you can’t enjoy your doing because you fear that if you
Your life will quickly fall apart and you will be a flop.
I assert that it is fear that causes you to do
And steals from you the joys of life and the choice of
BEING you.

“I ask you to consider a world where DOING ceases to exist
And in its place is BEING – where relationships persist.
And the creatures that inhabit this unlikely, happy land
we will call “Human Beings” because BEING is their stand.
These creature are not run by deed; they have no need to
But when their choice is action they enjoy it through and

Human Beings see life as a way to be and not as a thing to
Their committment is to people and not just to getting
They see each thing to do as an opportunity to be
To be with other Human Beings, to choose life, and to be

“I plead with you to take a look at what could come to be
If a Human Doing could stop just once and start BEING happily.
If we can see the price we pay for simply getting through
Then, just maybe, we will take the risk of being and not do.”

“For those of you that see the cost and take a stand to be.
You will need support from all the rest to stop DOING and be
So our support, it will be simple and our message will be
But to all those others listening in, no meaning will appear.

So as we pass each committed friend who may be in a
confused, misguided state
We will not ask “How are you doing?” but rather “Are you
BEING great?”.