The Puzzled Soul

by John Simon

The puzzled soul peaked out into the world in which he lived.
The shape the world appeared to be was one from which he hid.
The shape the world appeared to be was in no shape for him to fit.
No space in the universe for his form — so with it he could not knit.
His form would not fit the curves of life, the universal plan.
His form was not that of the universe. His form was that of man.

The Universe looked out boldly into that same world and saw a different plan.
It saw a small and frightened part of itself — it was that part known as man.
It saw that the shape that part was in was the perfect shape to be.
To join the puzzle universe — To complete it and be free.

But the puzzled part was still unaware of its connection to the whole.
It saw itself as a separate being that came from a separate mold.
It saw the universe as something quite other than a friend.
It saw the world as a fearful place — a place where life might end.

So the Universe called out to its part–that poor misquided soul.
“Come over here and join with me and we will make a whole.
Do not fear that I will harm you, though in joining you may disappear
But this end will be the beginning of your life and the ending of your fear.
When your shape finally joins my own and your outline ceases to exist
Your disappearance will be the end of all that you resist.”

“I welcome you to join me; I welcome you to stay;
I welcome you to live your life in a very special way.
I welcome you with open arms; I want you to be my friend.
I welcome you to disappear with me, and celebrate your end.”