Tips from Our Animal Vet Clinic on Keeping Your Pet Cool and Healthy

It is important to take steps to keep your pets as cool as possible.
When left to deal with excessive heat, pets have some of the same problems as humans. They can overheat, become dehydrated, and get sunburned. By taking some simple precautions, you can make sure your pets stay safe.

You can protect your pet by always ensuring it has a cool place to escape to on hot days. Dogs should never be left in a hot car, and outdoor exercise should be avoided during the heat of the day. It is also very important that both dogs and cats have cool water available to them at all times.

Never take chances with your pet’s health. Issues like dog vomiting, dog diarrhea, and dog rashes should never be ignored. Changes in your cat’s behavior can indicate signs of a health problem. Regular visits to our Royal Oak animal vet clinic can help protect your pet’s health. We hope you will consider using some of the free time you have this fall to visit our veterinary office for a pet wellness exam, vaccination update, and a dental cleaning.

Visit Our Veterinarian This Summer to Safeguard Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

Our Royal Oak veterinarian at Woodside Animal Clinic is very knowledgeable about the latest natural approaches to veterinary medicine. In addition to being a holistic veterinarian, Dr. John Simon is also an avid writer. He has published many articles and books about pet health and wellness. Dr. Simon would love to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your pet’s care. He can help you implement a veterinary care regimen that will keep your animal healthy for many years to come.

We would love to read your comments about these important summertime pet care tips. What steps have did you take to ensure your pet stayed cool and healthy this summer?

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