A Traditional and Holistic Veterinarian Serving Center Line

When you need dependable veterinary care in the Center Line area, Woodside Animal Hospital can help. Our office in nearby Royal Oak provides you with a traditional and holistic veterinarian serving Center Line. Dr. John Simon has more than 30 years of experience caring for pets using traditional and holistic treatments.

Traditional Care at Our Small Animal Vet Clinic

At Woodside Animal Hospital, we offer traditional veterinary care services for small animals, including dogs, cats and birds, as well as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats, reptiles and amphibians. Our clinic has diagnostic equipment for blood screenings, stool tests, urine tests and more, so we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and begin any necessary treatment. We also provide routine checkups, vaccinations and dental care to ensure that your pets stay as healthy as possible.

Our Holistic Veterinarian Offers Compassionate Pet Care

Dr. Simon, our holistic veterinarian, is a certified animal chiropractor and veterinary acupuncturist with the knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality holistic care. These techniques offer pets a non-invasive form of pain relief or alternative treatment options if traditional methods are not effective for injuries or illnesses. Other services that our holistic vet provides include pulsed magnetic therapy, cryo-surgery, nutritional consulting, herbal therapy and other forms of natural treatment that can help improve your pet’s well-being. These forms of treatment might be recommended if you have pets who are sensitive to the side effects of medication or pets who have symptoms that have not responded to traditional treatment methods.

Whether you are interested in traditional care, holistic care or a combination of the two, Dr. Simon and the rest of our team can help you out. Keep in mind that our location in Royal Oak is just minutes from Center Line.

Contact Our Center Line Vet Today!

If your pets are due for their checkups or if you need other veterinary care services, please contact our Center Line vet today at 248-545-6630 for an appointment. We offer traditional and homeopathic vet care in Center Line and Royal Oak!

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