A Big Advantage for Small Pets in Royal Oak

If you need a Royal Oak small animal veterinarian or bird vet who will give your littlest family member the care it deserves, your friends at Woodside Animal Clinic stand ready to help. Yes, we can help with limping dogs, cancer in dogs or cats in need of their vaccines, but we do much more as well. We treat dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, and small rodents. We can also serve as your bird vet of choice.

Why You Need a Small Animal Veterinarian

All pets are not created equal. Each of the animals we humans commonly adopt as companions have its own specific requirements for optimum health and wellness. The more you know about your individual pet’s needs, the more clearly you will see the need for a small animal veterinarian you can trust.

Here Are Some Examples

Dogs and cats: Regular physical exams will allow for early detection of cancer and kidney disease. Subtle signs of arthritis, limping or allergies can be picked up early through regular veterinary visits.

Birds: Birds hide the signs of their illness and therefore other respiratory ailments, defecating, activity, and breathing is very important in order to catch illness early. Labored breathing, poor appetite or digestive problems all indicate a potential medical condition. Dr. Simon, an experienced bird vet, can detect these subtle changes and begin treatment early.

Ferrets: Ferrets must be vaccinated against canine distemper and rabies. They can also suffer from fleas or other parasites, digestive problems, cardiomyopathy and various internal cancers.

Rodents: These “pocket pals” have their own medical needs. Both rats and mice show serious susceptibility to cancerous tumors and certain bacterial infections. They can also suffer from obesity at the hands of over-indulgent owners. Their incisor teeth may overgrow, requiring regular trimming from a vet.

Rabbits: Rabbits must take in a balanced diet or they will come down with gastrointestinal problems, such as gastric impaction. You should have your rabbit spayed or neutered just as you would a dog or cat.

As you can see, Royal Oak small animal owners need a small animal veterinarian or bird vet. Please call Hartrick Veterinary Clinic for appointments: (248) 549 3399. We want pets of all sizes in Royal Oak to be happy and healthy! Dr. Simon and our knowledgeable staff have the skills and experience to properly treat your family member, regardless of whether they are furry or feathery.