Compassionate Dog and Cat Care at Royal Oak Animal Clinic

Cats and Dogs are wonderful, loving animals who are an important part of any family’s life. At our Royal Oak veterinary clinic, Dr. Simon focuses on preventive care to reduce your pet’s risk of illness and injury. Dr. Simon is a trained holistic veterinarian who combines the latest in veterinary science with natural, holistic treatments to ensure your pet enjoys an active, healthy life. animal clinic, holistic vet, pet, royal oak

Woodside Animal Clinic Your Small Animal Vet Clinic Keeps Your Pet Healthy

Our small animal vet clinic was founded on the principle of preventive care. Our annual wellness check-ups are an important opportunity to assess the health of your cat or dog. During these check-ups, Dr. Simon performs routine lab work, including a blood count, urinalysis, blood chemistry and parasite screening. We also encourage routine dental cleanings to prevent the build-up of plaque, which can lead to serious gum infections in addition to liver and kidney damage.

Depending on the breed and age of your pet, your dog may require additional preventive care from our animal clinic. For pets older than six years, we recommend glaucoma testing at our veterinary clinic; early intervention is the key to preventing the loss of eyesight. Our animal vet clinic also provides hip dysplasia X-rays for large breed dogs between the ages of six months and two years to determine the presence of arthritic hip joints. Early detection ensures we can design a special care program to strengthen your dogs’ joints and hips, and protect against painful limping in old age. For all ‘senior’ pets, we recommend semi-annual wellness exams.

Cancer is a serious condition that is a leading cause of death for dogs. If you detect a suspicious lump on your pet’s body, we will perform a needle biopsy at our veterinary clinic. This is the best way to determine whether a bump underneath the skin is a benign tumor or an indicator of malignant cancer. When treating cancer, Dr. Simon often combines conventional medication with holistic treatments. As a holistic veterinarian, Dr. Simon has found that this combination of care, along with early detection, produces the best possible outcomes for pets.

Even with the best preventive care, it is still possible that your dog will get sick. While some signs like recurring diarrhea, vomiting or dog rashes are obvious indicators of a problem, other symptoms are far subtler. Changes from your pet’s regular behavior, such as limping, excessive scratching, changes in appetite or thirst and lethargy, may all indicate an underlying condition. If you suspect your dog may be sick, we encourage you to visit our veterinary clinic for early detection and treatment.

Ensuring your dog lives a long, healthy life starts with you! A balanced meat based, low-grain diet, routine grooming and lots of activity will keep your pet healthy. Simple at-home care, such as cleaning your cat and dog’s ears and teeth, can also reduce the risk of dog ear and mouth problems. Dr. Simon is happy to answer any questions you may have about caring for your dog. And, be sure to read the many articles Dr. Simon has published on pet care!

Dr. Simon and our wellness care team look forward to welcoming your dog into our Royal Oak animal clinic family! Please call Hartrick Veterinary Clinic for appointments: (248) 549 3399.