Royal Oak Veterinary Cruciate Ligament Injury Therapy

At Woodside Veterinary Clinic, our Royal Oak veterinary care team provides both orthopedic surgery as well as Prolotherapy for managing joint pain and orthopedic injuries in pets. Both orthopedic surgery and Prolotherapy are helpful for a variety of different health problems, including pet arthritis, degenerative joint disease, torn ligaments, tendons and cartilage damage, and tendonitis. Depending on your pet’s wellness needs, either orthopedic surgery and/or Prolotherapy may be a good fit for your pet. Our veterinarian works closely with each pet owner to find the right treatment for their pet’s wellness needs.

Cruciate Ligament Surgery & Prolotherapy for Pets

Orthopedic surgery is a common treatment for cruciate ligament injuries. Our veterinarian offers a choice of several orthopedic surgical procedures. These surgical techniques are designed to stabilize injured ligaments, bringing mobility back to a pet’s body. There are, however, non-surgical options that often provide equal success.

Proliferative therapy, also known as Prolotherapy, is a treatment option for chronic joint pain due to orthopedic injury or osteoarthritis that does not involve surgery. Prolotherapy has been clinically shown to increase joint strength by 30 to 40% in humans, and delivers similar results for animals. In order to understand how Prolotherapy works, some basic understanding of an animal’s orthopedic structure is beneficial. Tendons attach muscles to bones and ligaments connect bones to bones. Both tendons and ligaments are important for stability and normal movement. Weak or damaged tendons and ligaments often cause orthopedic injuries and restricted mobility. During Prolotherapy, a solution that stimulates collagen production is injected directly into a pet’s ligaments, tendons and into the joint itself. This injection causes a localized “inflammation,” which stimulates the growth of new collagen and internal healing. This process strengthens the tendons and ligaments, which helps pet become capable of supporting and maintaining joint stability.

Prolotherapy is approximately 75% successful in returning close to normal function to your pet’s knee joint providing there are no other complicating problems with the joint, such as, a torn meniscus or osteoarthritis. Prolotherapy requires approximately 5 separate treatments 3 weeks apart. With each treatment the supportive joint tissue becomes thicker and progressively stronger. Both cruciate ligament surgery and Prolotherapy are effective treatment techniques for bringing mobility back to a pet’s knee joint. Our veterinary care team is committed to helping you choose the right treatment technique for your pet. We are happy to discuss each procedure with you in detail and answer any questions that you may have. We do not “push” one treatment or another – both are great treatment options and either may be a good choice for your pet.

In order to determine which treatment technique is best for your pet, our Royal Oak veterinarian recommends a diagnostic evaluation which often includes Radiographs of the knee and joint. Following the assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and answer any questions that you may have. To learn more about cruciate ligament injury therapy, contact us today!