Does Your Dog Suffer from Recurrent Ear Infections? Our Holistic Veterinarian Has You Covered

Have you ever wondered what makes dogs so prone to ear infections and diseases? A dog’s ear canal is L-shaped — it travels straight down from the opening of the ear, but then bends and moves horizontally toward the inner ear. The shape of your dog’s ear canal means that water does not easily drain from it, and this can create the dark, damp environment yeast THAT bacteria adore. Our holistic veterinarian recommends keeping your dog’s ears clean and dry to prevent disease and infection.

Holistic Veterinarian Tips for Canine Ear Disease

Ear disease and infections in dogs can occur due to trapped water, ear mites, hair growing inside the ear or even tumors or foreign bodies lodged in the ear canal. Dogs that swim are prone to infections, as are dogs with long, floppy ears. Let our holistic veterinarian at Woodside Animal Clinic keep your pet’s ears clean and dry to keep ear infections at bay.

One of the best ways to prevent canine ear disease is to clean your dog’s ears regularly at home. You can use cotton balls and swabs to clean your pup’s ears — as long as you are gentle, it will not hurt him. If you do not have an ear cleaning solution you can obtain a natural ear cleaner from us.

Clean your dog’s ears on a weekly basis, or after a swim, if your dog is a swimmer. To keep your dog’s ear’s healthy after a swim, mix two cups of vinegar, one cup of water and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and spray the solution into your dog’s ears as soon as he gets out of the water.

If your dog’s ears are extremely dirty, or if there is thick, dark or smelly discharge, they may need flushed out. Our vet can flush your dog’s ears thoroughly so that there is no risk of ear wash solution lingering in the ear canal and causing infection. Ear flushing under sedation is a very important first step in treating severe or chronic ear disease.

If your dog’s ears are extremely inflamed, swollen, painful, ulcerated or bleeding, do not attempt to clean or flush them; cleaning ears that are severely diseased can traumatize your dog. Instead seek veterinary treatment right away.

Treatment for ear disease depends on the cause. Our holistic veterinarian can offer traditional medications, or herbal and homeopathic ointments and solutions to treat ear disease.