Pet Nutritional Counseling From Our Royal Oak Veterinarian

One thing all pets seem to have in common is their love for food. Unfortunately, dogs and cats don’t understand that some foods are healthier for them than others — which is why we see many pets suffering from obesity, food allergies, and other systemic illnesses. The good news is that you can make sure your beloved pet always eats a healthy diet, thanks to the nutritional counseling available from our Royal Oak veterinarian at Woodside Animal Clinic, Dr. Simon.

The Complexities of Pet Nutrition

In the world of pet nutrition, one diet does not fit all. This is especially true in the difference in dog and cat nutritional requirements. Cats are carnivores mainly because cannot produce several of the amino acids they need internally; they must get them from other animals in the form of meat. By contrast, dogs are omnivores; their bodies are more capable of processing amino acids and other key nutrients from a wide range of foods. This is why you can’t simply fill your cat’s bowl and your dog’s bowl out of the same bag of “chow.” Pets also have different caloric needs at different stages of their lives. Puppies and kittens, for instance, may need to eat several meals a day to accommodate the energy requirements, while on the other end of the scale, sedentary senior pets may require fewer calories than young adults.

Human food should always be off-limits to pets. The fats, sodium, preservatives we regularly consume can cause serious health problems in animals — including obesity, a major risk factor for numerous chronic ailments. If you think you are feeding your pet “healthy” human foods, think again. Many of the foods we can safely eat are highly toxic to dogs and cats, including garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate (and other caffeinated products), avocado, walnuts, and the sugar substitute xylitol. Last but not least, some pets can be allergic to certain foods, suffering from dermatitis, digestive upsets, or even anaphylactic shock if they eat the wrong things.

Woodside Animal Clinic Can Help Your Dog or Cat Thrive

Turn to Woodside Animal Clinic for a lifetime of nutritional guidance for your dog or cat. Our Royal Oak veterinarian can check your pet’s weight and vital signs for possible diet-related problems, then make the appropriate dietary suggestions to help him lose weight or otherwise improve his health. If your pet displays allergy symptoms, we can figure out whether a specific food is the culprit and then craft a hypoallergenic diet to suit his specific needs. We can even provide customized diets to address inflammatory disorders, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, and other health challenges.

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