Woodside Animal Clinic is excited to announce that they have been having excellent success using a new medical modality known as “Oral cytokine therapy” to treat a wide variety of diseases. Cytokine are naturally occurring proteins that act as molecules of communication, directing the immune system and eliciting physiologic reactions — some of which enhance or decrease inflammation or stimulate regeneration and healing. There are a number of different and distinct cytokine, each with very different physiologic effects and specific therapeutic indication.

Every disease has a certain abnormal cytokine profile that researchers have been able to uncover. Knowing a particular disease’s abnormal cytokine profile allows one to formulate a specific mixture of cytokine that will restore the proper cytokine balance and heal the disease. It is important to understand that the success of the therapy depends on using multiple cytokine in the correct combination and proportions. If the ratio of the different cytokines to each other is not correct the therapy will not be successful.

Cytokine is a general term that includes “interleukins” and “growth factors”. The cytokines produced for therapy are actually grown in a laboratory. These cytokines were originally only available as injectable solutions. However, in the last several years, Dr. Jo Serinto, a Canadian veterinarian, has developed a process for taking the cytokines in a low dose oral solution. Although veterinarians used to think that oral cytokines were destroyed by stomach acid, we now know that they are absorbed through the oral mucus membrane. Surprisingly, the oral form of therapy is more effective than its previous injectable counterpart and has almost no contraindications or side effects.

Dr. Simon was introduced to oral cytokine therapy when he first used it to treat his own dog Casey’s arthritis. When Casey lameness improved significantly after only 4 days he knew he had discovered an amazing new therapy. Since then he has used cytokine therapy to treat a wide variety of diseases including a ruptured cruciate, epilepsy, intervertebral disk disease, kidney disease, cancer, and a wide range of infectious diseases to name just a few. When you consider that cytokine therapy actually repairs the problem rather than just masking the symptoms the high cost of the therapy is usually quite acceptable.

Dr. Simon says, “Although cytokine therapy is expensive the cost is well worth it when you consider that cytokines actually heal rather than simply masking symptoms. In additions cytokine are natural, have few to no side effects and are easy to administer. Because cytokines actually heal after several months of treatment the cytokines can eventually be discontinued.

Whether you are treating humans or pets Oral cytokine therapy requires a correct diagnosis and a clear understanding of the therapeutic concepts involved. Consequently, oral cytokines are only sold to health care professions who have the knowledge and understanding that is required to make the therapy a success.

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The first step in determining whether cytokines can help your pet is to schedule an initial consultation here with our Royal Oak veterinarian at Woodside Animal Clinic. Depending on the severity of your pet’s infection and other pre-existing conditions, we will prescribe the right form of therapy to help your pet.