Pet Dental Care

Your dog or cat depends on his teeth and mouth, not only for normal chewing and digestion but also as his only means of picking things up (including puppies or kittens) and carrying them around. No matter how strong your pet’s teeth seem or how comfortable your pet appears, dental and oral problems may lurk undetected. Regular preventative wellness and prompt treatment of dental ailments or injuries can go a long way toward helping your pet enjoy a healthy mouth for life — and we’re proud to offer this form of care for your pet here at Woodside Animal Clinic.

The Importance of Pet Dental Care

A dog or cat’s mouth isn’t that different from a human mouth in one important respect — the potential threats to its health and function. Examples include:

  • Periodontal Disease – This inflammatory destruction of the tissues surrounding teeth stems from the immune system’s reaction to bacteria feeding on tartar. It can cause red, bleeding, swollen gums, painful chewing, and eventual tooth loss.
  • Dental Infections – Pets get cavities too — and just like human cavities, these holes in the enamel can allow bacteria to infect the tooth’s pulp chamber. Results may including agonizing toothaches, jawbone abscesses, and even bacterial invasion of the rest of the body.
  • Injuries – A cracked or broken tooth is not only extremely painful, but it also represents the sameopen door to infection as a cavity would.
  • Oral Cancer – Oral cancer can spread quickly and become highly advanced even before most pet owners might recognize. This disease can be fatal if it isn’t caught and treated early.

Regular dental care can make all the difference in how effectively you protect your pet against these issues and their possible consequences. Fortunately, our veterinarian in Royal Oak is more than happy to help.

Pet Dental Cleaning, Exams and Treatment for Birmingham, Berkley, Ferndale, & Oak Park

Bring your pet to Woodside Animal Clinic for dental exams, pet dental cleaning, and dental treatments. We recommend annual dental exams for most pets alongside their annual wellness evaluations. (Senior pets, animals suffering from dental issues or breeds especially prone to such issues may need more frequent exams.) Our veterinarian can make use of X-rays and other diagnostic techniques to catch any signs of a dental or oral problem in the making. If your pet does have a problem, we can recommend treatment options, up to and including surgery, to restore or preserve his health and comfort.

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean and gums healthy will prolong your pet’s life and make the animal more pleasant to be around. Learn more about it: read Dr. Simon’s articles The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene, Dental Work, and An Alternative Dental Hygiene Strategy.

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