Winter Protection For Your Pets

Your Veterinarian Reminds You to Protect Your Pets From The Bitter Cold This Winter

As temperatures plummet in Michigan this winter, residents are putting on thick sweaters, cranking up the thermostat to activate the furnace and drinking plenty of hot beverages. While we make ourselves more comfortable, we must also remember to take care of the animals under our care. As any veterinarian can tell you, it’s of paramount importance to watch over your pets this winter to make sure they stay safe and healthy.

Advice from Your Vet To Save Your Companion Animals From Freezing Conditions

The last thing you want to have to do this winter is take your beloved animal in for treatment at the vet because you failed to protect the creature from Michigan’s extremely low temperatures.

Pet owners from Ann Arbor to Birmingham and from Farmington, Ferndale, Royal Oak and the greater Troy region want to do everything possible to keep their animals safe and warm when the mercury falls.

If your pet spends time outside even in winter, make sure to provide extra food. Animals use up more energy to keep warm when it’s cold outside. Switch to plastic bowls when serving water and food to avoid your pet getting a frozen tongue stuck to a metal dish.

Wipe off the pads of your dog or cat’s paws to remove any residual salt treatments left on the road for melting snow. Licking paws covered in chemicals can irritate your pet’s mouth.

Promptly clean up any antifreeze that you spill onto the driveway. Some brands of antifreeze contain a sweet tasting but dangerous chemical that may tempt your pet to lick it up.

Speaking of vehicles, it is a good idea to check under the hood before starting your car or truck, since cats sometimes crawl inside to take advantage of residual engine warmth to get some relief from the bitter cold of winter.

Make An Appointment For A Pet Wellness Checkup At Woodside Animal Hospital This Winter

The team at Woodside Animal Hospital is proud to offer veterinarian services for pet owners residing in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Farmington, Ferndale, Royal Oak and the greater Troy area and beyond. For more information on pet safety this winter or to make an appointment for a pet wellness checkup please contact us today.

How will you change the daily routine for you and your pet during the cold winter months this year? Let us know in the comment section!

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