Winter Survival for Pets

At Woodside Animal Clinic we want your pets to stay healthy all year round. Winter presents some potential health hazards to pets who normally enjoy outdoor activities. Here are few tips for keeping your pet healthy during cold-weather months:

  • Bring all pets indoors if the temperature fall below 45 degrees F
  • Rinse your pet’s feet when they come indoors. Substances used to melt snow and ice can be toxic to animals if they lick their paws and ingest the chemicals
  • Provide extra water. Dry cold air can cause dehydration
  • Clean up antifreeze spills immediately. Dogs and cats are attracted to the sweet taste
  • Take a few seconds to check the tire wells and look under the hood for cats before starting your vehicle on cold days.

If you suspect your pet has cold symptoms call our office to schedule an appointment

Winter Exercise

A daily workout is essential to your dog’s mental and physical wellbeing. Fido doesn’t care if there’s a blizzard blowing out there! He still needs to burn off some steam. Here are 3 great ways to provide an indoor doggie workout:

  1. Play hide and seek. Throw your pup a treat, and hide while it’s distracted. Call the dog and encourage it to come find you. Be sure to have another treat in your pocket to reward a job well done.
  2. Walk on the treadmill. If the treadmill is a new concept to your dog, it may take a few days to build his confidence. Keep the machine set at a slow pace and provide lots of positive reinforcement until you both feel comfortable. Once your dog is accustomed to the idea, you can even let it walk alone.
  3. Go fetch, it’s tried and true. Sit at the end of the longest hallway in your home and throw your pet’s favorite toy again and again. The two of you can play, practice commands like “sit” and “leave it,” and your dog can get in a good run, 20 feet at a time.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have more questions about keeping your pet healthy this winter.

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