You May Be Me

by John Simon

Last night I had the strangest dream.
It was as strange as it could be.
I dreamt that I was everyone and
everyone was me.
I dreamt that I was dreaming me and
also dreaming you.
I dreamt that I was everything, a tree,
the stars, a shoe.

In my dream I had the thought,
“This may be just a dream”.
Then in my dream I discussed with you
what this thought might mean.
If we are both in this same dream then
who is dreaming us ?
Is it you that is dreaming me or
is it me that we must trust?
Perhaps you think that it’s your dream
while I think that it’s mine.
Or maybe it’s my dog’s dream and
were a figment of his mind.

All the people in my dreams are me
though this they may not realize.
In fact the me that’s in my dream can’t see
through the other me’s disquise.
So the me that’s in my dream thinks
the others are not he.
He lives a lonely dream life for this connection
he can’t see.

I know that I have had dreams that I thought
were surely real
Then I woke to find that I had dreamt
all that was revealed.
So now I know that when asleep I can not tell
that it’s a dream.
So how can I ever tell if I’m awake or
dreaming one more scene.

Since anything I think, see, or hear I can dream
I think, see or hear.
There can be nothing in my awake life that
in a dream can not appear.
So right this moment as I write,
I think that I’m awake.
But I am clear that to be too sure
would be an extremely big mistake.

You might say,”Okay, big deal,
so what if this is just a dream ?
Who cares — what difference can it make
in life’s bigger scheme ?”
But I say to you that it is a big deal
if we can’t tell when were awake
Cause if this is now a dream,
and we’re being dream’t –
then you and I are one– for goodness sake!

If its your dream and your dreaming me
then I am really you.
And if it’s vice-versa then on the other foots
the shoe.
In a dream scene all characters flow
from the dreamer’s mind.
They are all one with the dreamer
who dreamt them up this time.

Each dreamt up character thinks
that he’s a distinctly separate entity
Since his relationship to the dreamer
is something he can’t see.
So if I can get that we are all one
using the dream analogy
Then I need never fear anything again
since there is nothing there but me.

To try to out do someone else or be right
and make them wrong
Would be like trying to beat-up myself and
be weak while being strong.
So maybe all of life is just a dream,
and we are both the dreamer and the dreamt
Like a stone that hits the water creating
ripples outward sent.

Maybe each time that we wake up
in peace from the dream were in
We join the one that dreamt us and
then a larger dream begins.
When I wake up from my dream and
observe all that I have dreamt
I can clearly see that everyone in my dream
was me — can this be enlightnment?
If I can see that everything in my dream is me
and yet not know for sure when I dream
Then right now I may be everything
— wow ain’t that a scream!

So my friend, it is with the greatest pleasure,
that I now tell you that reading my poem
has been your dream.
You see, I never wrote a word of it.
You’ve created this whole scene.